Funding Highlights Fall 2023


Fall 2023

The generosity of our donors helps enhance patient care, technology, staff education, clinical research and facilities at Sarasota Memorial.

Grants awarded Oct. 1, 2022 – August 31, 2023:

PATIENT CARE: $1,443,446
EDUCATION: $1,557,187
RESEARCH: $197,380
TECHNOLOGY: $349,174

SPOTLIGHT: Caring for the Caregivers

The pandemic put an incredible strain on nursing. An estimated 100,000 nurses left the profession, and nearly 900,000—one-fifth of the workforce—plan to leave by 2027. “What we quickly realized was, we have spent so much time teaching nursing students how to take care of others, but we never invested in teaching nurses the importance of caring for themselves,” says Lisa Baumgardner, Associate Chief Nursing Officer at SMH-Sarasota.

In Spring 2022, SMH launched a pilot program called “Excellence in Nursing During COVID-19 and Beyond” in collaboration with the USF Health College of Nursing to retain its nursing workforce. Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation raised more than $800,000 to support this resiliency program, which provides small group coaching and resources to help clinical nurses and nursing students manage stress more effectively and stay in the profession. Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation raised more than $800,000 to support this resiliency program.

Phase two, the Nurse Well-Being & Coaching Program, launched in July 2023. Phase two of the pilot is based on the PERMA (positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishment) model and teaches SMH nurses techniques for advancing well-being in their own lives.

Programming was improved by extending the time of small-group coaching sessions and offering a wider variety of time options, providing additional flexibility to improve overall engagement. Two groups of nurses have already completed the six weeks of coaching sessions. New sessions are offered every eight weeks, and the goal is to enroll about 600 nurses in the program over the next two years.

Every gift to the Healthcare Foundation makes a tangible impact on our health system. Because of donors like you, Sarasota Memorial has the resources it needs to remain one of the nation’s top hospitals. Your support truly makes a difference to the health of our patients, our staff and the community as a whole.

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