Over $2 Million Awarded to SMH to Help Provide World-Class Care


FALL 2021

The grants the Healthcare Foundation provides support a variety of programs and services at Sarasota Memorial. Recent grants totaling $2,089,119 include:

  • Cardiac nurse navigators. A $1 million grant will allow for the creation of a Cardiac Nurse Navigator program at SMH. Nurse navigators act as patient advocates, offering support and guidance by answering questions, locating resources, and ensuring that patients have all the information they need to make informed decisions.
  • High-tech MRI. A $285,000 grant will help purchase a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) software and hardware. fMRI is an advanced imaging technology that helps doctors accurately diagnose and treat patients with neurologic disorders such as brain tumors, multiple sclerosis and brain injuries.
  • Heart and breathing assistance. A grant of more than $210,000 will help purchase two CardioHelp Systems, which provide heart and lung support during the transport of patients whose breathing and/or blood circulation are compromised.
  • Prenatal ultrasound. The first few months are a critical time in an unborn baby’s development. With a $121,000 grant, SMH’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine department will receive a GE Voluson E10 ultrasound system to accurately diagnose problems during high-risk pregnancies.
  • Mitral valve treatment. A $100,000 grant will help support SMH’s participation in the HARPOON trial, a research effort to study a new minimally invasive way to treat mitral valve regurgitation, improving patient experience and enabling a faster return to normal activity.
  • Breast health screenings. Two grants totaling $75,000 will help provide screening and diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies
    and other diagnostic services for uninsured and underinsured residents of Sarasota County.
  • Indigent clothing fund. A $13,000 grant was awarded to help purchase clothing for homeless, trauma and mental health patients so they can leave the hospital with dignity.
  • COVID-19 surge support. Three additional grants totaling $285,119 will help purchase a Panther Instrument System, enabling the SMH
    laboratory to expand and meet the high volume demand for COVID-19 tests; oxygen ventilation and monitoring equipment; two AccuFIT9000 respirator and N95 fit test systems that ensure clinical staff are properly fitted with personal protection; and 20 additional MAXAIR Controlled Air Purifying Respirator (CAPR) systems to provide frontline workers with advanced respiratory protection against airborne particulates.

We are grateful to our donors for helping us providing these crucial resources.

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