Grant Highlights: Six Ways Our Donors Made a Difference



The Healthcare Foundation’s mission is to ensure that Sarasota Memorial Health Care System has the resources it needs to provide our community with the best possible healthcare. Thanks to the generosity of our donors this winter, the Healthcare Foundation awarded six major grants totaling $654,160 to support the following list of enhancements and services: 

  • Nerve protection during facial surgery Many procedures involving the area around the ear can damage nerves in the face, which could permanently alter a patient’s appearance or function. A grant of more than $33,000 funded the purchase of five facial nerve monitors which, use electrical stimulation to highlight facial nerves for ENT surgeons so they can avoid damaging these delicate nerves during procedures.
  • Streamlined colonoscopies A grant of nearly $133,000 funded the purchase of five state-of-the-art colonoscopes with high-definition imaging. The new equipment will enable GI specialists to insert scopes more safely and comfortably, see the images more clearly, and reduce the time between procedures. 
  • State-of-the-art heart imaging Thanks to a $400,000 grant, SMH was able to purchase two EPIQ CVx echo ultrasound machines. These premium cardiac imaging systems provide a sharper picture and more efficient heart imaging scans. 
  • Lifesaving assessments in cardiac arrest When someone is in cardiac arrest, every second counts. With a grant of nearly $38,000, SMH purchased a transesophageal electrocardiography (TEE) ultrasound probe to help cardiologists assess their patients’ heart function and determine the optimal treatment course. 
  • Diabetes medications and testing supplies The cost of diabetes medication and testing supplies can be an insurmountable burden to low-income patients. With a $25,000 grant, SMH is providing uninsured and underinsured diabetes patients with vouchers for diabetes medications and supplies from Walgreen’s pharmacies. Having access to these supplies and treatments will help patients avoid costly diabetes complications and reduce hospital readmissions. 
  • Greater access to screening mammograms A mammogram is the best way to detect breast cancer early, when it’s most treatable, yet not everyone can afford the cost of these tests. A grant of $25,000 will give uninsured and underinsured residents of Sarasota County access to screening mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies and other diagnostic services. 

We are grateful to our donors. Your gifts truly make a difference to the health and wellness of our community.

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