Grant Highlights Spring 2023



Thanks to the generous support of our community, we are able to support Sarasota Memorial and its mission to provide world-class healthcare to all. This fiscal year to date, the Healthcare Foundation has awarded nearly $2.9 million in grants to SMH and SMH employees recovering from Hurricane Ian.

Grants awarded Oct. 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023:

PATIENT CARE: $1,001,797, 13 grants
EDUCATION: $384,350, 47 grants
RESEARCH: $100,000, 1 grant
TECHNOLOGY: $278,414, 3 grants
HURRICANE RELIEF: $1,079,700, 1,891 grants

GRANT SPOTLIGHT: Virtual Nursing Care Pilot Program $137,833

SMH is continually seeking to innovatively enhance patient care. Thanks to a grant from the Healthcare Foundation, SMH Nursing is piloting a program where virtual RNs will support the bedside nursing team. The goal is to provide positive outcomes for both the patients and the nursing staff.

SMH Nursing will be among the first in the state of Florida to launch this technology. Adding the Virtually Integrated Care Team is anticipated to help reduce fall risk, shorten lengths of stay, reduce RN turnover and ultimately increase patient, family and staff satisfaction. The pilot will kick off later this fall on one of the inpatient units at the Brian D. Jellison Cancer Institute Oncology Tower and SMH-Venice, allowing the virtual nurse to assist the care team monitor and interact with the patient and family, and improve patient readiness for discharge.

Because of donors like you, Sarasota Memorial has the resources it needs to remain one of the nation’s top hospitals. your gifts have truly made a difference in the health of our patients, staff, and the community as a whole.

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