Grants Awarded: Moving Forward with Stroke Rehabilitation


The SMH Rehabilitation team is changing the way they approach the rehabilitation of stroke survivors, all with the help of the Healthcare Foundation. Through grants awarded, the Rehab team has added six new Certified Stroke Rehabilitation Specialists (CSRS), bringing the total to nine physical and occupational therapists.

Stroke Rehabilitation Main Campus
Grants Awarded: Moving Forward with Stroke Rehabilitation

CSRSs attend rigorous seminars culminating in an online certification examination. These workshops are extremely intensive, and are based on proven, research supported assessment tools and intervention techniques.

Based on the education received programmatic changes will start in the acute hospital and will continue through inpatient and outpatient rehab programs. The team expects for these certificates to have a significant impact to patient’s outcomes.

Coursework and certification exams are about $1,000 per person, and the Healthcare Foundation has helped fund each certificate. The Rehabilitation team will continue to expand the number of CSRSs on the team.

Pictured: Patricia Schau, PT; Cindi Little, OT; Becky Paquette, PT; Sarah Epperson, OT, Siri Koshes, PT, Caitlin Hambridge, PT; Joanne Goulet, PT; Margherita Charania, PT; Terri Mishos, OT

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