Over $4.4 million Awarded to Support SMH



Thanks to our generous community, we are able to support Sarasota Memorial and its mission to provide world-class healthcare to all. Recently, the Healthcare Foundation awarded the following grants totaling over $4.4 million, which will support facilities, staff education, technology and patient care at SMH.

Expanding inpatient rehabilitation pavilion. With a grant of $3,910,000, SMH-Sarasota will add six new inpatient rehabilitation rooms. The grant will help fund construction, information technology and furnishings. The expansion will allow more patients recovering from an illness or injury to receive medical, rehabilitation and mobility care in the state-of-the-art pavilion.

Supporting clinical staff education. Fifteen grants totaling $101,241 were awarded to support clinical staff continuing education and scholarships. The grants were awarded for multiple specialties, including oncology nurse education, lactation certification and speech-language pathology certification.

Upgrading ER technology. Three grants totaling $290,658 will fund new equipment in the Emergency Care Centers at SMH-Sarasota and SMH-Venice. New Spectra surgical lights and two Sonosite PX Ultrasound Systems will be purchased for the Sarasota campus, and a new GE LogicIQ Ultrasound System will be installed on the Venice campus. These new systems will enhance patient care by providing advanced image clarity when treating and diagnosing patients.

Ensuring a clean and sanitized environment. With a grant of $86,000, SMH-Venice will purchase a second Tru-D disinfecting robot. Tru-D uses ultraviolet light to provide additional disinfection to patient rooms, ICUs, operating rooms, ERs and long-term care facilities.

Expanding the research pharmacy. A grant of $20,000 was awarded to the SMH Research Institute to expand its pharmacy and purchase a refrigerator for investigational drugs and ambient medications. Upgrades will also include temperature monitoring probes and devices to ensure safe storage of sensitive medications.

It is thanks to our donors that the Healthcare Foundation can provide funding to help Sarasota Memorial remain one of the nation’s top hospitals. Your gifts truly make a difference to the lives of our patients, staff and the community as a whole.

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