The Healthcare Foundation Awards Over $1,000,000 in Grants Benefitting SMH


DECEMBER 6, 2021

Sarasota Memorial Healthcare Foundation recently awarded four grants totaling $1,098,354 to Sarasota Memorial Health Care System. These grants will help SMH purchase new orthopedic surgical tools and endoscopic high-definition camera systems, a high-volume laboratory testing system and a urological laser.

$486,249 was granted to help purchase the Stryker System 8 orthopedic surgical set, which offers new tools orthopedic surgeons will use in total joint cases. The improved design will enhance and expand orthopedic surgery at Sarasota Memorial.

$301,118 was provided to help purchase three Stryker surgical endoscopic camera systems and towers. The high-definition camera systems include HD monitors, cameras, scopes, light source and image capture device. The towers will enhance patient care by promoting better visualization and pinpoint accuracy during surgery.

$182,875 was granted to help purchase a Hologic Panther Plus instrument system for the SMH-Venice laboratory. SMH laboratories are currently completing more than 10,000 tests per month. The new system will assure high-volume testing capabilities are available at the newly opened hospital.

$128,112 was provided to help purchase an Olympus Thilium Urology Laser. The new laser will enhance patient care by providing a quicker and safer tool to remove bladder and kidney stones.

“Thanks to our community, these grants are helping provide Sarasota Memorial with the latest high-tech surgical equipment,” said Mason Ayres, president of the Healthcare Foundation. “As SMH continues to expand in our region, community support is critical in helping to assure that the very best healthcare is available to everyone.”

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